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    Chunhui Lin

    Chunhui Lin (1979) obtained her master degree in biochemistry in Taiwan. After that, she went to Beijing to start her journey in traditional Chinese medicine. She studied acupuncture, herb, and tuina in Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. After graduation, she has become a licensed Chinese medicine doctor in China since 2010. She completed a 2 years internship in Xiyuan Hospital, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences in Beijing. Including one year in the gynecology department, she followed Dr. Cai Lianxiang to focus on infertility treatment.

    “The central idea of chinese medicine is balance. Balance between yin and yang, balance between body and mind, belance between ourselves and nature. It’s my passion to devote myself to help people finding their own balance.”

    Chunhui has specialties in chinese medicine gynecology including menstruation disorder, menopause syndrome, infertility, pregnancy and postpartum TCM support. Pain management, gastrointestinal and sleeping disorders can also be treated well by the combination of acupuncture and Chinese herbs.

    Publications of Chunhui Lin

      1: Master thesis in National Taiwan University – Expression of diamine oxidase-like genes in mouse reproduction tracts, 2004

      2: Master thesis in Beijing University of Chinese Medicine – Hypomenorrhea: literature research and clinical case analysis, 2010

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